Thursday, January 21, 2010


So guess who saved her pretty little first smile for this morning at 3:00 am? That's right, Haven Rae. It was very sweet and perfect because we woke up to nurse, and then Chris changed her diaper. When he brought her back to me to finish nursing he sat down on the bed and she gave us this big, both sided smile. Of course, I was afraid it was just that something felt nice, but I said to her "Are you smiling for real at us?" She stopped smiling for a second, looked over to me and then smiled again. "That's real! It IS real!" is what I kept saying and she kept smiling and then all three of us fell asleep. Awwww.
Yesterday, we caught the sun out and went on a short walk; just Haven, the Bjorn, and I. We also celebrated her being 4 weeks old by clipping her nails for the second time in her life. I guess I should start referring to these as manicures. She is grabbing on to so many things, I hate to put her hands in the mitts. So, I have wait until she's asleep and I'm feeling brave AND I have the clippers available. Yesterday the stars aligned.
Here are some other things that are happening: she's getting baby acne :(, she's losing her hair :(, she's spending more time awake and happy (as opposed to either being asleep, being awake and nursing, or being awake and crying). This happens mostly in the morning. It's convenient because it gives me a chance to get dressed and put in contact lenses. She just lies on the bed and stares at the fan and coos.
I've started keeping better track of her sleeping times. Hopefully, this will help me see a pattern and allow me to more confidently put her down for a nap. As of now, she spends most of the day in my arms and falls asleep there. Then, I'm afraid she'll wake up if I transfer her to the crib. So, obviously, we're still working things out. It's ok for now. Usually, I'd rather hold her anyway.
Tuesday we had a mothers' morning out of sorts. Haven and I went to a LLL meeting to get some tips and meet up with two other moms and babies from our Bradley birth class. From that class, three of four babies have arrived; Jen with baby Alexa and Maria with baby Soren! We all went out to lunch after the meeting and had some really awesome catch-up time. It is great to have friends that are in the same "Brand New Mom" boat as I am.
As a side note; I did TRY to put up the videos. For some reason this blog site did not like them. I will try again and if I can't post them here, I will start a Youtube account. Now I have week 2, 3, and 4!
Also I am on a mission to catch Haven in the act of smiling. My camera will be on me at all times. So, look for that picture. :) xoxo from Haven and me!

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  1. Yay for the smiles - can't wait to see that cute little grin in person in just a few weeks. HUUUUUGS!