Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One Year Ago

So, I can't help but think about this time last year, as we celebrate Haven's 1st birthday. She is now using her hands and abbreviated words to communicate, walking, climbing, problem solving, and even learning how to follow a few directions. Her vocabulary currently consists of Dada, Mama, appies (apples), baba (banana), jussss (juice). She can sign "please," "all done/ up." Whenever she sees a picture of my brother's dog, she says "AT!!!" for Atlas. She knows that a dog says "woof woof" and a monkey says "oo oo ah ah."
She is currently eating just about anything I put in front of her. Last night she enjoyed some red bell peppers from our stir fry. She still loves bath time and I am excited to see if her love of the water continues. She's also really into sitting on things. I think it makes her feel like a big girl.

As I reminisce all these things, it's so hard to believe that one year ago she had finally decided it was time to come greet the world. A year ago today, I was walking up and down my neighborhood, hoping to get things moving, as I was 9 days overdue. A year ago tonight my water broke and we headed over to the hospital; so excited. 26 hours after that, at 6:46pm on Dec 23, little Baby Girl Barry was delivered and on Christmas Eve, named Haven Rae.

This past year has been a transformation for our family in many more ways than one. But as I look back, I feel like a year ago was like yesterday and at the same time, so far away that I can hardly remember life without Haven. (what did I do with all my time!?)

Thanks to our family and friends for all your love and support in the past year. And thanks to little Haven, who makes all of our lives brighter.

Merry Christmas all and Happy (almost) Birthday Haven!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Haven's First Word!!!

Last night (10/18/10 - Haven 10 months), Haven said her first word.
Drum roll please:
She was sitting at the dinner table with her sippy cup on her high chair. She looked at me and the pushed her cup right off the tray and onto the floor. She looked down at it, then back at me, and said "UH! ohhhh."
It was so purposeful. I put it back onto her tray to see if she'd do it again. Of course she pushed it off again immediately. Then she just looked at me.
I said, "Uh oh?"
She said "UH! ooooh."
First steps at 8.5 mo, first words at 10 mo.
Will wonders never cease? I LOVE being a mommy!!

Video of First Word

Friday, October 15, 2010

Strong Willed

What did I say just yesterday about Haven being strong willed? She knows what she wants and figures out how to get it. Here is a picture in which she has moved her walker to the table and stood in the bin of the walker to be taller. This is so she can reach the fun things Mommy tries to keep out of her reach.

At least she's resourceful. Smart girl.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Haven has realized what it means to communicate. She is constantly pointing at things and say "Da!" Everything is da. "Da!" That's Charlie! "Da!" That's Daddy! "Da!" That's the fan!
She is also using inflection in her babble. It's the cutest! "daDAbabadada"
We went to an apple farm in Ellijay two weeks ago. This Saturday we're going to pick pumpkins!
Fall is so fun. She is at a great age. Yesterday we sat on the porch for twenty minute while she picked up leaves and crumpled them in her fingers. Blessedly, not EVERYTHING goes into her mouth anymore. She did try to eat a leaf, but when I told her it was "No Mouth," she seemed content to crinkle with her fingers instead.
Her personality is coming through more and more. She seems to be very strong willed and passionate. She is easy to please and easy to upset. And she lets you know when you've made her mad! This mostly occurs when you take away whatever she was playing with (and not supposed to have). On the other hand, a hug from mommy will make her stop crying.
Another incredibly cute advancement is her new pat. I picked her up and patted her on the back. Wonder of wonders, she patted my back.
Excuse me while I melt.
Pictures from the pumpkin patch soon!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Haven - 9 Months

Haven at 9 Months. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Haven's First Steps

Well, tonight was momentous. Haven took her first wobbly steps toward her Daddy. She then took three of four steps each time toward Chris or me. Wow, 8-1/2 months. I'm sure now that she knows walking is something she can do, she will be experimenting with it more and more. In other news (since end of June -whoops), she is crawling up the stairs, pulling up everywhere, broke a tooth and is working on more, played in the ocean, and ate sand. It's been a great summer.
More soon!
(She's walking!!!!)

Friday, June 25, 2010

6 Months Checkup

In classic Haven style, as soon as the words come from my mouth, she proves me wrong. We haven't seen any teeth yet!
On Tuesday we went to the pediatrician for her 6 month appointment. She got 4 vaccinations; one by mouth and three by shots :(. I'm thinking, if you can put one vaccination into a syrup for her to drink, why can't you make all of them like that? Oh well, she did an amazing job and didn't even start to cry until the end of the second shot. Then as soon as I picked her up, she even looked at the nurse and grinned ("Don't worry, lady, I forgive you").
She's 17lbs, 2oz and 26" long. This is still about the 75% for her age group. We're green light for solids, sippy cups and all the mess that comes with. We've already started solids, but Haven had apple juice for the first time and it seems to be a big hit. It also seemed to attribute to two (count them, two) blow-outs and new outfits yesterday. Whoops. I'm still getting used to how much she should have, etc.
She's so close to crawling. She can easily move herself across the floor with an army crawl, so everything in the den is now baby-proofed and she can roam free. Usually, while she's inching around, she'll get onto hands and knees and move one "step." Then, it's back to her tummy and she continues to inch.
She's so much fun with her grins and giggles. I will try to get some good videos this weekend.
We love you!!