Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our First Noted Consonant!!

Today, as I was changing Haven's diaper (her favorite thing), she gave this big sigh like "ahhhhhhh" and landed on a definite M! Like this "ahhhhhmmmmm"
This is the first time I've heard her make a definite consonant when she's "talking."
Although it looks like she might say mama first. I was hoping it's be dada so she could ask for him instead of me. Oh well, we'll see.
9 weeks old today!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trying to get a Schedule- HA!

California was wonderful. Haven was incredible on the plane both out to CA and back to GA. For the second time, Chris and I missed snow in GA because we were in CA visiting Dave and Tera. Oh well!
I am going back to work on March 1, so I am trying to work more on a schedule with baby Haven. I don't really know about that yet. Doc says not until 4 months. I'm inclined to believe him!
After being in a hotel with her for a few days. we've both also gotten addicted to bed-sharing. She starts out in her bassinet and ends up in bed with me. So, hopefully that will naturally change? For now, I love snuggling up with my little bug!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Videos

Check out Youtube for a bunch of new videos!
Videos of Haven

Big Trip West!

This week we are preparing to fly out to California to watch Haven's Uncle Dave tie the knot! So we sent to the doctor yesterday to get her immunizations. Our doctor recommended we get the shots before the trip so she was covered as opposed to waiting until she was 2 months (which would be next week). More measuring and more shots, but we both survived and she seems to be taking it pretty well. Here are her stats: 11lbs 5.5oz and 22-1/4" long! Since she's not even 2 months yet, this plots her on the same curve she was on her last visit. She's pretty much in the 75th percentile for everything.
She's starting to be more interactive. She doesn't mind being on the floor by herself just to play on her activity mat. She's also responding with facial expressions and cooing. She still loves to move. If she's fussy, usually a good bouncing period will quiet her down. I can tell that she is focusing in on things that are farther away too. She'll look at me from the floor or from her swing instead of just staring at something a few inches away from her face. I think she also recognizes voices. On Sunday, Dad was holding her and every time Andrew said something she turned her head to look at him. After all, he is a pretty interesting guy!
And finally... She slept in her crib last night. It was a lot of work to get her to fall asleep and stay asleep in there but eventually it worked out. Hooray!