Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello/Goodbye 3 weeks!

So yesterday was the three week anniversary AND the 25 year anniversary of Haven's and my births! As my mom points out, this means that our birthdays will always be on the same day of the week. Thanks for all the calls, emails, texts, and facebook posts. I had a wonderful time hearing from so many people. I feel so loved :) I had a great day. Mom and Dad came over to make breakfast and Mom held Haven while I took a long shower (glorious). Chris came home during his lunch hour to be with me and then Haven and I went out for a pedicure and coffee with Jen and baby Alexa. Chris brought home our favorite chinese food for dinner and we ended the evening watching LOST and eating cake. All the while, sweet Haven was keeping my lap warm. Does life get better?
Haven continues to astound us with her movement; she is so strong and loves to kick, move her head, swing her arms and generally do anything to break out of a swaddle. We still attempt to swaddle her at night for her own comfort, but during short naps in the daytime, we just tuck a blanket around her legs (hospital style, so no SIDS issue).
She makes a lot of noise. She sighs and squeaks and when she's asleep, she breathes out on a pitch. It is so cute. We tell her she'll be a soprano in Daddy's choir.
She's also taken to grabbing things; my hair, pearls, shirts, her clothes, etc. It's sweet when she falls asleep with her hands clasped together. I've even seen a few fingers intertwined!
Today we went to church to visit Chris, have lunch together and take church directory pictures. Haven slept through the entire photo shoot, but at least she wasn't crying. She looks very peaceful with her eyes closed :). Of course, this short trip to church turned into show and tell the new baby. It was fun introducing her to everyone and showing her off. Hopefully it was tiring for her and she will sleep well tonight. She is a pretty good sleeper at night, for which I am very thankful! She wakes up every 3-4 hours to nurse, but usually falls asleep again after she's done.
So that's our update for now. I'm going to post two videos; one of her at two weeks and one at three weeks. I might wait until Chris gets home to help me though...

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