Thursday, October 14, 2010


Haven has realized what it means to communicate. She is constantly pointing at things and say "Da!" Everything is da. "Da!" That's Charlie! "Da!" That's Daddy! "Da!" That's the fan!
She is also using inflection in her babble. It's the cutest! "daDAbabadada"
We went to an apple farm in Ellijay two weeks ago. This Saturday we're going to pick pumpkins!
Fall is so fun. She is at a great age. Yesterday we sat on the porch for twenty minute while she picked up leaves and crumpled them in her fingers. Blessedly, not EVERYTHING goes into her mouth anymore. She did try to eat a leaf, but when I told her it was "No Mouth," she seemed content to crinkle with her fingers instead.
Her personality is coming through more and more. She seems to be very strong willed and passionate. She is easy to please and easy to upset. And she lets you know when you've made her mad! This mostly occurs when you take away whatever she was playing with (and not supposed to have). On the other hand, a hug from mommy will make her stop crying.
Another incredibly cute advancement is her new pat. I picked her up and patted her on the back. Wonder of wonders, she patted my back.
Excuse me while I melt.
Pictures from the pumpkin patch soon!

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