Friday, March 12, 2010

Back to Work!

So this is the end of the first full week back to work! I really miss Haven like crazy, but it's also nice to be at work and feel productive.
Along with my going back to work, this means that Haven is now in daycare at Peachtree Presbyterian. The great thing about that is that Chris is right upstairs. We are so blessed to have that option.
Haven still doesn't really have a schedule for naps and bedtime, but the doctor says don't expect that until month 4-6. So, we're still on track.
Haven is loving to reach out and grabs things now. She's even started bringing things up to her mouth to suck on! Her favorite is Red Dog.
She gives big goofy grins now when you say hello and smile at her. However, she seems more intent at staring at the camera than smiling at me, so I still don't have a great video of smiles yet.
Hopefully I'll get one soon! :)

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